Sunday, September 22, 2013

Long forgotten musical tracks # 11

I was not much familiar with the western classical music, till a Parsi colleague in Mumbai, introduced me to it for the first time. I once asked this gentleman to name two compositions from western classical music, which epitomize its beauty. Without any further thought, he gave me two names.

This week's long forgotten musical track was the first name he had told me. I went to the market immediately, listened to few renderings of this famous composition and then finally bought a rendering by the famous British band 101 strings. By now you must have guessed it. It was The Blue Danube Waltz, composed by Johann Strauss II.

101 strings Orchestra was a brand for a highly successful easy listening symphonic music organization, with a discography exceeding a hundred albums and a creative lifetime of roughly thirty years.


Later it was used in all time great, 1968 British-American science fiction film, 2001: A space Odyssey. Here is the docking sequence from the film with Blue Danube as background score. 


If you can not see the embedded video on your android devices, here is the link.

You can also copy and paste the link in your You Tube App. If that also does not work, search You tube for The Blue Danube Waltz 101 strings.

22 September 2013

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  1. The classical music definitely made the movie more classy....and timeless!