I am a retired Electronics Engineer. Earlier, I was a businessman  involved in design and manufacture of various types of Electrical and Electronic equipments. After my retirement, I started writing as a hobby. I write regularly in my English and Marathi Blogs.  Having worked  throughout my career with my own hands, I do often get an urge to do something creative. For this, I have taken up Paper model making and wooden fret work. I am deeply interested in Astronomy and satisfy my curiosity with my Meade ETX 90C telescope. However, the conditions in the city of Pune, India, where I normally stay, can not be said to be very conducive to my hobby. Subjects of my special interest are History, Archaeology, Armed forces, International strategic moves by nations, Space and all stories of human interest. You can find number of my blogposts from these areas.

I love photography, though I can not claim to be an expert, I love Reading.  I also like music of all kinds; Indian classical, western classical, Bollywood and Hollywood. You can find special pages related to these interests of mine, at the top, just below the header.