Sunday, July 17, 2016

Snippets from my forthcoming book (3); A Journey Impossible Book I; Destination India

Though Xuan Zhang felt highly elated and was joyous at having finally escaped from Imperial Chinese boundary, he was dead tired and fatigued with the long overnight ride. He decided to take some rest; spread his mat and lied down. “Bandho” also dismounted and spread his mat about fifty paces away and both tried to sleep. He had by now realised, what terrible mistake he had committed by helping a Chinese citizen to escape from the empire boundary against a Royal mandate. Feeling disturbed at his folly, he first decided to kill the monk and get over the problem. He drew out his knife and slowly walked towards the monk. Xuan Zhang however, was not asleep and with his half closed eyes, saw what “Bandho” was doing. He rose from the mat, sat down and started praying to “Kounan-in-pou-sa, 阿婆盧吉低舍婆羅  菩提薩埵, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.)”

17th June 2016

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