Sunday, May 29, 2016

Snippets from my forthcoming book (2); A Journey Impossible Book I; Destination India

"The bandits came from nowhere. As Xuan Zhang and his troupe negotiated the narrow zigzag slopes of the silver mountain, where sharp turns on the road around the cliffs could effectively hide the view ahead, they heard a big commotion with clip-clop of horse’s hooves. Next moment, before they knew anything, the troupe was attacked by robbers riding horses and waving their naked swords. The mounted robbers in tattered clothes surrounded the troupe, shouting and threatening them with their drawn out swords. Everyone stood still. Robbers dismounted and started searching everyone; their clothes, belongings, even the food they were carrying. Xuan Zhang felt pangs of fear inside, cutting him like a cold steel blade of a sword, but only just for a moment. Next moment, he calmed down, praying to “Guanyin.” He looked steadily at the robbers with his sharp piercing eyes. The chief of the bandits, briefly looked at the monk; something terribly disturbing him. He felt that this was no ordinary man and this was no ordinary caravan either. All of a sudden, he was scared to the core that continuing here any longer would certainly bring God’s wrath on him and his men. He signalled his men. The bandits disappeared as quickly as they had come. Everyone let out a sigh of relief and started counting their losses. But losses were not important; their lives were saved."

29th May 2016

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