Sunday, March 15, 2015

Long forgotten musical tracks # 82

This week's long forgotten track was once so much popular that it was considered as a genre classic for its gripping narrative. "El Paso" is a country and western ballad written and originally recorded by Marty Robbins, and first released in September 1959. It soon became a major hit on both the country and pop music charts, reaching number one in both at the start of 1960. It won the Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording in 1961, and remains Robbins' best-known song.

Marty Robbins, born Martin David Robinson, (1925-1982) was an iconic country and Western singer of 1960's


If you can not see the embedded video on your android devices, here is the link. You can also copy and paste the link in your You Tube App. If that also does not work, search You tube,El Paso, Marty Robins

15th March 2014

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