Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year end Mosaic – Part I

During 2014, Akshardhool brought to you hundreds of new stories. It is possible that some of the readers might have missed some. I have selected a few of the stories from the period January-June 2014 here, which I feel are interesting and relevant. If you have missed any of them, just click on the title

An ocean floor fossil park in the middle of Himalayas?

INS Vikramaditya reaches home

Done at Lst! but done damn well!

A death knell for Moenjo-daro?

The feeling of pain

Kalashnikov rifles to be manufactured in India

India's Mars Orbiter 100 days old now

Coin rush at Kollam

Australian museum accepts having bought a stolen idol from India

The Saddle Ridge Gold

Nature's deadly bombing spells

Down memory lane: World War II years and after

When the time itself began!

Easter egg worth US$20million

Bamiyan Buddhas: a new controversy

Nostalgia: The Buffalo Encounters

MH 370 and Roaring Forties

Feeling thirsty? Eat some water!

Tom and Jerry Games in South China Sea

Trouble brews up again in Malacca Straits

Neville Maxwell interview; miles away

A tourist destination par excellence!

European Union denies Visa to the King

Greek mythology and Buddhist rock cut temples of Ancient India

Want to build a house; get a printed one!

Another small step ahead

The world of allergies

Discipline, kids and the law

The inevitable end

Gods of Kondapur

Sir, Madam and Miss

Look Maa; no shadow!

The argumentative; do they die early?

Crime does not pay

Completing the picture

Likely changing weather pattern in the Indus river basin; no cause for worry

Smartphone addiction

Flying paper planes

A tragedy beyond words

A Face mask for the Taj Mahal!

The challenge of the killer mountain

It’s final! Duryodhana and Bhima are home again

31st December 2014

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