Sunday, July 14, 2013

Log Forgotten Tracks! #1

Starting from today, I would be bringing to readers of Akshardhool a long forgotten musical track every Sunday, that was once my favourite, obviously thanks to You Tube.

I hope readers would enjoy these oldies as much as I do. 

Shadows was a British band and 'Apache' is perhaps their best creation. It was on the top of charts for several weeks. Enjoy!

(For reasons unknown to me, if this video dies not render on your screens, you can watch it here

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  1. John Farrar went on to huge success as Olivia Newton-John's producer and main songwriter, penning such hits as "Hopelessly Devoted to You", "Magic", and "I Honestly Love You". Bruce Welch also wrote a number of ONJ's hit songs, including "Please Mr. Please" and "If Not for You." These were some hugely talented guys. Interestingly, Cliff Richard was born in Lucknow.