Friday, November 23, 2012

Be fat! Be healthy and happy!

Readers may find it rather difficult to believe this advice. But it is true that some Australian Doctors are advising there patients, who are on threshold of seventies, to be slightly fat to remain healthy and happy. A new study carried out recently in Australia has come out with this inference. Unfortunately for all others, who are below this age, the recommendation remains the same as earlier, reduce weight and be happy!

Researchers from University of Western Australia carried out this study recently. The subject of their research study was to find out if any particular Body mass Index or BMI can be considered as ideal for senior citizens, which if maintained, would increase the life span of Senior citizens. Under this study, this group of researchers collected data about the BMI of people, who have died, when they were in an age group of seventy to seventy five, during last 10 years. Besides this data, this group also collected information from 9200 seniors about their BMI and if they are suffering from diseases like, heart ailments, diabetes or cancer of any type. The group of researchers have derived following conclusions from their observations. 

The seniors, whose age is around seventy are likely to have longest life span, if they are slightly overweight today. All such people, who have their BMI in normal range or who are obese are likely to have lower life span than those who are slightly fat. These slightly fat seniors are likely to suffer much less from diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, or respiratory diseases.

This study also re confirms, established fact that obese or excessively over weight people have highest risk of death. Slightly better off than obese, are this people, whose BMI is below normal. Third important thing found by this study is that all seniors who have a sedentary life style or do not do exerting physical work, whatever may be their weight, are also under very high risk. In case of women with sedentary life style this risk is at least 25% higher.

Lead researcher of this study group, Professor Leon Flicker says that for those of us, who reach their seventies without having any major ailment, the advantages and risks of having some excess fat on their bodies is bit different from others. He feels that the present standards about the ideal BMI for such people, prescribed by medical profession, are needed to be changed.

Professor Kay-Tee Khaw of Cambridge University agrees with Professor Leon Flicker and says that for people around seventy, malnutrition become a major issue and therefore, people with an extra layer of fat around their midriff are likely to lead healthier life than others. Another researcher from this group explains Why slightly over weight is beneficial for this group. According to him, the extra fat layer around the midriff can provide such seniors, who are in their seventies, with nutrients during any illness and proves to be really useful. The chances of complete recovery are much higher for such slightly over weight people.

So, if you are around seventy and worry about your tummy being rounder that what it should be, don't! This larger tummy would act like a nutrient bank in case of your illness and would help you recover faster.

Be fat and be happy!

23 November 2012


  1. From personal experience, I can tell that when I weighed 75 Kg and had a pot belly, I was not very healthy, and not very happy. After 7 years, I came down to 64 Kg, I felt healthy, my BP, sugar, cholesterol, well under control and I was very happy. But then I visited India recently, lost 3to 4 Kg., was sick, and only felt happy for the 4 or 5 hours in the morning of November 4th, when I met all my friends from school.

    It took 2 weeks after returning to USA that I went back up to 64 Kg, and now I am again healthy and happy. I can gain one or two more Kg, maybe, and it won't hurt, if not make it better, says my doctor.

    So, don't be too fat, nor too thin. You don't have to have the famous six-pack abs like cine stars. In fact a few extra Cm. s will look good on you, your clothes will fit better and you will still be healthy and happy.
    If not, the sadness, grief is in your mind. Read the book 'Happy Thoughts' and follow the advise. It helps a lot to say prayers like Ramaraxa etc. whether you believe in God, Hinduism or not. The idea is to keep mind on abstract matters rather than day to day affairs, over which you have not much control left. You may also try studying Quantum mechanics, Astrophysics or any such subjects which will make you forget the daily problems.
    It also helps if you don't have to work for money anymore and not have to help children anymore. (Actually, even if you think you have to, don't! They are old enough!)

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