Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magnificent MacRitchie

There are some places in Singapore, where a normal tourist is not seen. This may be due to ignorance on his part or lack of time. One such place, which I like most is the MacRitchie Reservoir.
Mck d

This is quite an old Gem in Singapore, built in 1867. May be, because it has been there for such a long time or because of the natural geographical features of terrain around it, it is surrounded and enclosed in thick forest, from all sides except some area near the dam.

Mck m

The forest is mostly secondary but there are few spots where primary rainforest exists. The reservoir has been enclosed, around the perimeter, by a wooden boardwalk. You might encounter regular rainforest if you walk along the boardwalk. There are small wooden bridges to cross the small water ingresses into the land.

Mck j

Singapore Government has recently completed a 12 million Dollar overall revamp of the area. This revamp has converted this area into a wonderful picnic spot.

Mck p

If one decides just to walk around, there are unlimited choices.

Mck k

One can relax in the thick dark shadows of a mammoth tree.

Mck g

Playing with kids is such a delightful pastime here.

Mck e

Many to be newlyweds come here to go through the ceremony. One can ride a Canoe here or walk on tree tops.

Mck C

If one feels sleepy after heavy snacks, there are benches in the cool shade where one can stretch.

Mck f

If you wish to spend quality time with your kids , family or friends, MacRitchie is for you.

Mck b

It is needless to say that all of MacRitchie area is spotlessly clean

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