Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Relaxed Morning at East Coast Park

When I get up in the morning, I usually open the bedroom window and look outside. This morning, looking outside, I found very little traffic on the road below. This must have been because of the holiday today, I thought. The sky was overcast and there was nice cool breeze blowing. It was surely a lovely day to go out, I thought again. Everybody else in the house must have had similar thoughts because a plan was envisaged almost immediately, to go and have a ‘Brunch’ morning at the East Coast Park.
We readied the kids and left the house. A new expressway names as ‘Kalang-Paya Lebor Expressway’ or KPE was opened for traffic last year. Since we had not seen it as yet, we decided to try it. This expressway is 12 Km long, out of which almost 9 kilometers are underground. With a fantastic super smooth road surface, well designed lighting and very informative and strategically placed road signs, we reached the East Coast Park in no time at all.
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A new entertainment center called ‘Big Splash’ has come up there recently. We parked the car there and almost immediately, everyone made a dash for the beach.
East Coast Park beach is 15 Kilometers long. It has some lovely brownish white sands and if you decide to stand in the water, very gentle waves just graze your feet.
The sands were clean and slightly wet due to a downpour last night.
It was ideal setting for building castles.
The beach is also ideal for playing and running with kids. Some people had broght their private tents to relax on the beach.
A nice little road runs along the beach, great for jogging and biking.
You can hire single and double ride bikes near the beach. We never realized how the time slipped. Later, only when we felt pangs of hunger, we did realize that we were starving.
There are number of eating places around. We selected a ‘Bistro’, because the Menu was absolutely mouth watering.
Fluffy Jam and Peanut butter coated toasts, Scrambled eggs, bacon, Hash Brown, Apple Juice and finally a hot cup of English Breakfast Tea. Only when we had polished off everything, we looked at our watches.
Our watches were showing that it was past 12 noon.
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