Thursday, October 6, 2011

Height of Stupidity

If someone tells you that he wants to ride his motor bike on the palms of your young children, when they are lying down on the ground, with their hands spread out, what would you do? I would surely kick the idiot, out of my house. However, Mr.Ramanujan, Head master since December 2008, of a primary school, in the village of Keezhperumpakkam, from Vilupuram district of Tamil Nadu , probably considers it as an act of bravery. Presumably, when the children in the act are not his own.
Primary schools in Tamil Nadu, are supposed to celebrate, completion of 100 years to the birth of an ex-chief minister, Mr.Kamraj. As part of this celebration, Mr Ramanujan had organized this show of Bravado. After few initial karate demonstrations, kids from standard one to five were asked to lie down on their stomachs in a row, with hands stretched out. A person riding a big Motor Cycle, rode on the outstretched palms of these young kids. As if this was not enough, a young girl was then asked to lie down on her back. A plank was placed across her body and the same motor cycle guy rode it over her body.

Mr. Ramanujan claims, that he had discussed the matter with parents of the children. It appears, that free uniforms and stationery was to be given to the children by a trust owned by Tamil Nadu’s Higher Education minister, Mr. Ponmudy. Parents probably had no prior idea of the risks and dangers involved in this most foolish act and must have agreed to let children participate because of the free gifts.
Luckily, wife of the said minister was present at this function to distribute free uniforms. After these two acts, she got enlightened and ordered Mr Ramanujan, to stop the show.
I just cannot imagine the callousness, the morbid stupidity of this dimwitted character. I sincerely hope that all the children from this school are safe and sound.  One can only hope for strict action against this Idiot, so that such acts of extreme stupidity are not repeated anywhere else.
Just imagine, if something would have gone wrong?
29 July 2009

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